"Special Care for Natural Hair" 

About Inventor/Creator of McGriff's Original LockGroomer

Alphonso McGriff III, a Hartford, Connecticut native, is an award winning stylist, an educator, platform artist, public speaker, poet, writer, and inventor. He has recently invented/created two products. One “Grooms the Mind” for effective communication, and the other “Grooms Dreadlocks.” The “Mind” groomer is a card game called “A Conscious Conversation for the Mind, Body, and Sprit,” and “Dreadlock” groomer is a revolutionary new tool called “McGriff’s Original LockGroomer.”
He has over twenty years experience in the hair care industry and has earned awards for his contribution to “Minds” and “Hair,” including 1st Place in the World Class Men’s Avant Garde Hair Competition at the International Beauty Show (IBS) NY, NY. In addition, he has been awarded “Barber of the Year,” Community All-Star,” “Male Role Model for Community Service,” and “Citizen of the Year.”
Alphonso has worked in the hair and beauty industry as a Platform Artist and Educator for Dudley Products and Soft Sheen Products. His experience as Platform Artist and Educator in this industry has assisted in his growth and development as an effective communicator. As a result, Alphonso has also gone on to develop an interactive program for Effective Communication he has shared with high school and college students. Most recently, he shared his program with eager listeners and participants at the World Renown Harlem Book Fair.
With some great advice coming from pioneers in the hair and beauty industry as well as personal friends, including Willie Morrow, Mr. and Mrs. Jerry and Lucky White, John Atchison, Joe Dudley Sr., Barry Fletcher, Olivia Barr, Peter Yau, Tahira Reid, Maurice Lemons, and Scott Bonds, Alphonso has gone on to join the exclusive fraternity of men and women who have acquired a “Patent” for an idea that started for him, with a problem that needed to be solved, some thinking, and a pencil drawing back in 1999.
The result, more than ten years later is what we now recognize as McGriff’s Original LockGroomer. This is a tool designed to pack, smooth, and polish Dreadlocks for those who like a more Groomed appearance. Frizzies and loose hairs are a problem for some who wear Dreadlocks. McGriff’s Original LockGroomer solves this problem. McGriff’s Original LockGroomer also accelerates the locking process by contributing to the entanglement of hairs, the very foundation of all Dreadlocks.


Alphonso McGriff III
Inventor/Creator of McGriff's Original LockGroomer