"Special Care for Natural Hair" 

McGriff's Original LockGroomer - Benefits

Alphonso McGriff III, is the INVENTOR and OWNER of patent #6,708,699, “Apparatus and Method for grooming Dreadlocks,” or “McGriff’s Original LockGroomer.”

McGriff’s Original LockGroomer is the WORLD’S FIRST PATENTED THERMAL TOOL created specifically for Dreadlocks.

McGriff’s Original LockGroomer is the first thermal tool specifically made for use on NATURAL KINKY HAIR since the Pressing Comb.

McGriff’s Original LockGroomer is a thermal tool specifically made for use on NATURAL KINKY HAIR, but can be used on Dreadlocks of ALL textures.

McGriff’s Original LockGroomer is now the ONLY thermal tool available to ALL Dreadlock product lines that can be used for promoting and demonstrating the quality, effectiveness, and versatility of their product as it relates to grooming Dreadlocks.

In 1905 Madam C. J. Walker Revolutionized the Hair Care Industry by meeting our needs with the Pressing Comb.

In 1927 F. R. Marcel Revolutionized the Hair Care Industry by meeting our needs with the invention of the Marcel Curling Iron.

On March 23, 2004, Alphonso McGriff III Revolutionized the Hair Care Industry by meeting our needs with the invention of McGriff’s Original LockGroomer!

McGriff’s Original LockGroomer:

  • reaches all ethnic cultures worldwide

  • works on all Dreadlock textures

  • benefits everyone who wears Dreadlocks

  • assists in speeding up the Dreadlocking process

  • eliminates the frizzy, fluffy look that sometimes lasts months, during the initial locking process

  • assists with repairing thin, damaged, Dreadlocks

  • offers an alternative technique to cutting wispy loose hair with scissors, twisting with beeswax, using a needle and thread to sew the wispy loose hair in, wrapping with wool, braiding loose hairs, extensive palm-rolling on the Dreadlock shaft, two strand twisting, crocheting, and using glue-like products to bond loose hairs into the  Dreadlock

  • benefits those who want to achieve a neat, groomed look right away

  • benefits those who want their hair groomed without enduring the lengthy shampooing, twisting, and drying process

  • benefits Professional Cosmetologists financially

  • benefits the Consumer Market

  • benefits Curling Iron Manufacturers

  • benefits all companies that manufacture hair care products for all textures of natural hair, Dreadlocks, and chemically treated hair

  • benefits those who create Dreadlocks by using the technique of teasing long straight hair into Dreadlocks

  • benefits those with long permed hair - they will no longer have to cut off their hair to start Dreadlocks - they can now use the combination of the teasing technique along with McGriff’s Original LockGroomer to create neat, groomed Dreadlocks right away.

McGriff’s Original LockGroomer is not a fad. This tool will be here at least as long as the curling iron and pressing comb. Because of the commitment required, Dreadlocks have become more of a “Lifestyle” than a “Hairstyle.”

McGriff’s Original LockGroomer keeps Dreadlocks aesthetically pleasing to those who prefer a groomed look. It also assists in shortening the locking process, while making the Dreadlocks more dense, resulting in locks that are strong, healthy, and less likely to have thin, weak areas. Dreadlocks become neat and strong when using McGriff’s Original LockGroomer because packing entangled hair is essential to the Dreadlocking process.

McGriff’s Original LockGroomer contributes to natural, groomed Dreadlocks gaining acceptance with corporate professionals because they will look neat. Also, those who have always been interested in wearing Dreadlocks will readily embrace them.

McGriff’s Original LockGroomer makes a direct contribution to a major increase in new Dreadlock wearing consumers as well as the clients of Professional Cosmetologists, because of the available option to have neat, groomed Dreadlocks immediately and consistently.

Every Professional Cosmetologist will want to have McGriff’s Original LockGroomer because of potential financial rewards. While McGriff’s Original LockGroomer is new and innovative, its use is not solely involved grooming Dreadlocks. It has unlimited potential for stylists and their many creative possibilities!

Each time Dreadlocks are shampooed, after the roots have been twisted and the Dreadlocks have been completely dried, McGriff’s Original LockGroomer can be used again. Although this is an additional service, many Dreadlock clients are now able to come in and just ask for the grooming service without necessarily getting a full shampoo and root twist. Thus, cosmetologists who have not traditionally been involved with maintaining natural hair, or Dreadlocks, will now be encouraged to get involved with the process because it is reasonable and profitable.

While considering the market demand, one must realize more people are choosing to wear their hair “Natural,” and Dreadlocks have become a popular “Natural choice” for many consumers. As a result, the buyer has the potential to quickly recoup the cost of McGriff’s Original LockGroomer.

Distributors and retailers who sell McGriff’s Original LockGroomer can experience immediate financial gratification. Individual consumers, as well as professionals, will not only purchase McGriff’s Original LockGroomer, they will purchase the products, just as they do with curling irons, blow dryers, and many other significant tools and styling aids.

Providing McGriff’s Original LockGroomer is a great opportunity for curling iron manufacturers to reap benefits from the natural hair and Dreadlock market. Presently, McGriff’s Original LockGroomer is the only tool that manufacturers of curling irons will have, that will generate significant revenues from the natural hair and Dreadlock market. In addition to McGriff’s Original LockGroomer, an apparatus for holding the various sized McGriff’s Original LockGroomer devices will eventually be necessary. Manufacturers creating such an apparatus can also generate additional revenues from the natural hair and Dreadlock market.

McGriff’s Original LockGroomer creates a market for a new line of products specifically designed to work with the tools. The product line will include Gel, Wax, Oil, Shampoo, Conditioner, and Holding Spray. Quality products sell over and over again. Presently, there is no product line that dominates the Dreadlock market. The available products are very limited. The market for products relating to Dreadlock maintenance is relatively untapped. Also, most present companies with   a relaxer system, have not been able to cross over into the natural hair and Dreadlock market and make a significant impact. Because of the obvious need for products for McGriff’s LockGrooming Process, this is an opportunity for many companies that already have maintenance products for their relaxer system, to now benefit from the sales of maintenance products for Dreadlocks. McGriff’s Original LockGroomer is a tool that is also used to market the quality and practicality of products specifically developed for the maintenance of Dreadlocks.