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McGriff's Original LockGroomer - Description

Our hair is divided into two essential parts, the root and the shaft. There are three layers of the hair shaft, the imbrications or cuticle layers, the cortex, and the medulla. Imbrications or cuticle layers are transparent, overlapping shingle or scale like layers. They lay up or out and away from the scalp. The flatter and smoother they are, the more shiny and healthy the hair. If these Imbrications or cuticle layers are damaged, they will give the hair a dull and damaged look. Most times if these imbrications are peeling and damaged, the Dreadlocking process is accelerated because damaged imbrications help to entangle the hair, which is key to this process. Hence, dull looking Dreadlocks present an aesthetics problem.

A Dreadlock, lock, or tress is a section or group of hairs that have become entangled or matted together. Dreadlocks, locks, or tresses are the assembly of two or more of these sections or groups of hairs. The sizes of the Dreadlocks depend on the number of hairs entangled and matted together. Dreadlock density is determined by how tightly packed the entangled and matted hairs are and/or how many hairs per square inch are growing from the scalp.

Typically, the development of Dreadlocks is a process that takes several weeks and sometimes months when allowed to form by current Dreadlock developing processes.  The texture of the hair determines how long the hair has to be, how long it will take to become a Dreadlock, and what Dreadlocking technique will be used. In most cases, during the Dreadlocking process, the hairs’ health and aesthetics are the consumers’ major concerns.

With respect to health of Dreadlocks, thin roots and/or shafts can be tied into knots, and packed again to repair. Thin roots and/or shafts can result from over twisting, or if the hair is overly dry, or if one is thinning from natural pattern baldness, or if the Dreadlocks are long and have significant weight and the roots can’t handle the gravity pull because of a lack of elasticity in the roots.  

Historically, those who choose to wear Dreadlocks have had a hard time dealing with the frizzy, fluffy, puffed up and dull appearance during the initial and advanced stages of growth. Frizziness refers to the effect created by individual hairs that do not conform to the rope like envelope of the Dreadlock. Because of this aesthetics problem, many choose not to wear Dreadlocks. Though this is a natural process for those who choose Dreadlocks, the appearance is perceived by some as “nasty, unkempt, and ungroomed.” McGriff’s Original LockGroomer prevents this problem from occurring.

McGriff’s Original LockGroomer is a heated, mechanical, hand-held device used with the intent and/or effect to groom Dreadlocks and to assist in forming hair into Dreadlocks as defined above.

This invention grooms Dreadlocks. The tool smooths, packs, repairs, and shines individual Dreadlocks. This device shortens the Dreadlock development process of by weeks and assists in maintaining the hair’s natural Dreadlocking process.

McGriff’s Original LockGroomer heals Dreadlocks by eliminating frizzy, fluffy, puffed up, dull looking Dreadlocks. The polished, smoothed, and packed outer imbrications and non conformed Dreadlock strands of the repaired roots and shaft of the Dreadlocks eliminate the dull and unkempt look. As a result, a healthy and aesthetically pleasing Dreadlock hairstyle is achieved.

McGriff’s Original LockGroomer comes in a variety of sizes. Each size accommodates a range of individual Dreadlock diameters. McGriff’s Original LockGroomer can be heated thermally, electrically or in other ways, to the appropriate temperature. The Dreadlock is clutched around the circumference of and from the base (root) of the Dreadlocks - that part closest to the scalp, gliding along the shaft of the Dreadlock, out and away from the scalp, while simultaneously turning or rolling the Dreadlock clockwise.

At this time, there is no other tool available for people who prefer smooth, groomed looking Dreadlocks. McGriff’s Original LockGroomer specifically addresses aesthetics for many consumers who want to wear Dreadlocks.

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