"Special Care for Natural Hair" 

Frequently Asked Questions

Will there be some type of instructions that come with each set of McGriff’s Original LockGroomers sold?

          For those who purchase McGriff’s Original LockGroomers, there will be a 45 minute instructional video DVD that will be included. If you choose to purchase the DVD separately it will be available for sale; however, if you then decide to purchase McGriff’s Original LockGroomers afterwards, you will just be given another DVD. The difference for the advanced DVD purchase will not be subtracted from the cost of the McGriff’s Original LockGroomer set.

How often do we have to treat or temper the tools for use?

          Tempering the tools for use takes place only one time after first opening the package. This is discussed in detail under “First Time Preparation.” Tempering McGriff’s Original LockGroomers is very similar to tempering a cast iron pot or pan. The only difference is the tools are placed in a curling iron stove rather than a kitchen stove.

How do the stylists make money?

          For stylists, this is an opportunity to bring in extra income. The minimum charge for “Grooming” Dreadlocks with McGriff’s Original LockGroomer should be $65.00 for grooming a full head of locks. The tools pay for themselves after just 11 heads “Groomed” at minimum charge. The price for grooming will increase depending on how many locks there are, how long the locks are, the size of the head, and the condition of the locks. Also, for those who don’t usually maintain Dreadlocks, they can make money by participating in the “Grooming” process alone and allow their clients to continue to get their locks shampooed and twisted by their regular stylist/loctitian. For loctitians, this is also an opportunity to bring in extra income by “Grooming” their client’s locks with McGriff’s Original LockGroomer, as an additional service.

How does McGriff's Original LockGroomer benefit the clients?

          The clients will benefit because their Dreadlocks will look nicely packed, polished, and groomed. This application also accelerates the locking process. Clients can also have their locks “Groomed” only with McGriff’s Original LockGroomer for special occasions or as often as they feel the need to without going through the entire shampoo, re-twist, and drying process.

What about the damage to the Dreadlock from the heat?

          Heat can and will cause damage to Dreadlocks if used improperly. As long as McGriff’s Original LockGroomer is not over-heated, Dreadlocks will not be damaged. Many people use tints and dyes on Dreadlocks that guarantee damage every time, however; this is a “Good” damage for Dreadlocks because the cuticle layers are left open which allows for the Dreadlock hairs to entangle and pack among themselves tighter and quicker. So, in some cases, damage is not always bad for Dreadlocks.

Wouldn’t it be better to just trim the “fly aways,” or loose hairs around the Dreadlocks with scissors or use hair clippers to keep them neat?

          "Fly aways," or loose hairs will always be a part of having Dreadlocks. The LockGroomer is great for “fly aways.” Those who trim their Dreadlocks with scissors and/or hair clippers are trimming away important hair that gives the locks density and strength. Over an extended period of time, trimming these hairs with scissors and/or hair clippers will eventually make the Dreadlocks weak.

You're flattening the hair with the thermal iron which is more of a temporary thing. Once the hair gets wet doesn’t it return to its original state?  Also, after you've applied that heat and it does smooth the hair will you still have to do it all over again after you shampoo the locks or when the humidity hits, similar to a press and curl.

          The grooming process is somewhat temporary; however, the more McGriff’s Original LockGroomer is used, the longer it stays packed. McGriff’s Original LockGroomer actually assists with accelerating the locking (packing) process. Over time, the hairs will stay packed amongst themselves, in the same way they would without use of McGriff’s Original LockGroomer. Again, McGriff’s Original LockGroomer helps to accelerate the packing (locking) process.

You're applying heat to the Dreadlocks and one of the reasons many people choose to lock their hair is to get away from heat and thermal irons, not just the chemicals.  

          Yes, heat is applied to the Dreadlocks; however, there are some who like their locks smooth. McGriff’s Original LockGroomer is obviously not for everyone, just those who prefer a less fluffy, more groomed appearance. This is just another available option. Everyone who has locks did not choose locks to get away from heat.

What about Asians and Europeans? Can McGriff’s Original LockGroomer be used to help groom their Dreadlocks?

          McGriff’s Original LockGroomer was not created for any specific race or gender. This is not a race based tool. McGriff’s Original LockGroomer can be used on ALL hair textures and all people who wear Dreadlocks.

Aren't we supposed to take pride in the natural kink of our hair instead of trying to apply heat that will somewhat smooth out the kink?

          Again, because McGriff’s Original LockGroomer is for all textures of hair, everyone who wears Dreadlocks isn’t wearing them to take pride in their natural kinks. Many people who wear Dreadlocks do not have natural kinks. For those who do take pride in their kinks, McGriff’s Original LockGroomer does not take away the kinks. It just smoothes and grooms the Dreadlocks.

Is this similar to straightening hair because it seems as though the heating process actually causes the hair to lay flatter?

          Part of the goal for the LockGroomer is to get the outer hairs on the Dreadlocks to lie smoother and flatter, not to straighten. Even for some hairs that may get straight because of the heat and oil, when they revert, they will grab even tighter and attach themselves even closer and more snuggly to the Dreadlock shaft, which is how Dreadlocks are created. For hair that is already straight, McGriff’s Original LockGroomer assists in the packing process associated with creating Dreadlocks, or matting the hairs.

Is this a pressing comb for Dreadlocks?

          No, this is not a comb at all. McGriff’s Original LockGroomer does not straighten Dreadlocks. It just packs the hair for those who like their Dreadlocks to look smooth. McGriff’s Original LockGroomer helps accelerate the packing process, contributing to the strength and density of each Dreadlock.

Isn’t packing and smoothing the Dreadlocks with McGriff’s Original LockGroomer a temporary thing?

          Yes, it is temporary; however, unlike pressing loose hair and loose hair reverting, packing Dreadlocks is different. Even with natural Dreadlocks, the hairs entangle and pack amongst themselves over a period of time without reverting or loosening themselves from the rest of the shaft of the Dreadlock. The older the Dreadlock shaft, the smoother. This is a natural process. McGriff’s Original LockGroomer helps to accelerate the "Packing" process. The more the tool is used, the longer the hairs stay packed. Even when the hairs are reverting because of humidity and/or moisture, they are entangling themselves amongst themselves even tighter.

You are applying heat to Dreadlocks and one of the reasons many people choose to lock their hair is to get away from the thermal irons, not just the chemicals. Doesn’t McGriff’s Original LockGroomer defeat this purpose?

          The key to this question is "One of the reasons . . . ." This one reason shouldn't deter people from embracing McGriff’s Original LockGroomer. This is not necessarily the reason why everyone has Dreadlocks. Different people have Dreadlocks for many different reasons.

After you've applied that heat and it does smooth the loose hairs on the Dreadlocks, will you have to apply McGriff’s Original LockGroomer all over again once you shampoo the Dreadlocks, or once the humidity hits . . . similar to a press and curl?

          The major difference between McGriff’s Original LockGroomer and the Pressing Comb is . . . McGriff’s Original LockGroomer packs already entangled hair amongst itself. The Pressing comb straightens loose hairs. When Dreadlocks revert, the hair becomes even more packed. This is good for Dreadlocks. When straight, loose hair reverts, it goes back to natural and this is not good for people who want their hair straight. Also McGriff’s Original LockGroomer can be used over and over again as long as the Dreadlocks are dry.

Is “McGriff’s Original LockGroomer” just used for grooming Dreadlocks?

          “McGriff’s Original LockGroomer” was specifically created for use on Dreadlocks, however; we’re sure people will find many other original, creative, and unimagined uses for the tool.

Why would I want to straighten my client’s locks thermally, when they would be taking the risk of the locks possibly being permanently conformed into this configuration?

          McGriff's Original LockGroomer does not straighten locks thermally. The tool "PACKS and SMOOTHES" locks for those that do not like the outer frizzies. Locks can still be combed out after using this tool. It does nothing more permanent than what already takes place with Dreadlocks naturally. If anything, McGriff's Original LockGroomer uses heat to help accelerate the "Packing/Locking" process. That's it.


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