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McGriff's Original LockGroomer - First Time Preparation for Use

Because McGriff’s Original LockGroomers are made of a cast iron material, they will have some rust residue as a result of the plastic packaging and the formation of condensation on the inside. They will also be a little stiff.
For these reasons it will be necessary to oil and properly temper each LockGroomer the first time before you begin regular use.
Temper – First, the LockGroomer joints on each tool (the handle cross section) should be well oiled and worked (opened and closed) until they are loosened up. Then each LockGroomer should be fully coated with pressing wax, and placed into the pre-heated stove for approximately three minutes. Allow them to cool down before use.
This preparation for use only has to be done once. It may take a few minutes for the joints to move smoothly; however when the oil has settled in they will be fine.
Remember, if the LockGroomer scorches roller tissue paper or a white towel, it is too hot to apply to the Locks. The tool should also be wiped clean after each use, before putting it back into the stove.











McGriff's Original LockGroomer